Welcome to Philadelphia!

This story takes place in modern-day Philly, which has a rather unique population of supernatural beings. Indeed, beneath the quiet streets of Philly lies a dark secret, one that has kept the city devoid of any major supernatural governing body, such as the Camarilla or Sabbat.

Many have tried to claim the city as their own in the past, bringing their prejudices, conflicts, and personal agendas along with them. Time and time again, the driven and the dedicated would gaze upon the city, ride in with their banners held high, flaunting their power and tenacity. Violence begets violence, and the ever-spinning cycle of hatred and revenge would reach it’s fevered pitch. All out war would seem imminent, and then… nothing but cold, empty silence; the chessboard and all of it’s players vanish overnight, never to be heard from again. Only one person claims to have all the answers, it just happens to be a Malkavian.

There are three simple rules in this City:

  1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. (What you are is not a problem, unless it conflicts with 2 and 3.)
  2. Keep it Quiet. (Humans must not become aware, and we don’t want prying eyes.)
  3. Support the Coterie. (We are alone, otherwise.)

As the game starts, the city has become home a small number of supernatural entities from a variety of backgrounds who wish to escape the noise and drama other organizations tend to create. The local coterie consists of the most bizarre combination of beings: a healthy handful of vampires from varying bloodlines, a few mages, a Metis werewolf and a changeling; pretty much anyone who came here to hide out, for whatever reason, as long as they adhere to the aforementioned rules. They are led, in a manner of speaking, by three eccentric yet oddly cooperative vampires.

(more to come)

The Philly Chronicles